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Advertising hoardings are one of the most effective means of outdoor advertising. Most companies make use of advertising hoardings to popularize their products and services. Based in India,Midas Touch is counted among the leading providers of advertising hoardings. With many years of effort,Midas Touch has build up an unchallenged reputation in providing exceptional customer service and best quality products.

Being a pioneer in large format digital printing. We are equipped with the latest innovations in digital printing technologies. Midas Touch has among its staff, a highly experienced, dedicated, and talented team of designers. With cutting-edge technologies and a highly professional team, we have brought about a great revolution in the field of advertising hoardings.

At Midas Touch, customer is all important. We treat each customer individually, and design the advertising hoardings according to the customer’s needs and tastes. To make the advertising hoardings more striking and meaningful, we use large font along with attractive and appropriate designs that are easily visible and linger in the mind of those who see it.

Midas Touch high tech digital printers can produce advertising hoardings with high resolution and clarity. We offer options in flex, vinyl and other high quality material for advertising hoarding. Apart from these, we can make the advertising hoardings with special materials you may suggest. We use superior quality UV inks for printing and these can withstand all types of adverse climates.


Inflatable Advertising Balloons

Here comes the name ‘inflatable advertising’ in outdoor and indoor. Hence, other prominent names seen quite adamant to make it accessible for every ad seeker. Basically inflatable advertising refers air filled commercial signage inflatable balloons or sky balloons. Unlike banners and posters, these stuffs can be exhibited into varieties of shapes and size. Hence, inflatable advertising signage becomes livelier. Unconventional substances have always drawn public attention and inflatable advertising also does the same.

Especial kids are big fan of such ad-especially kids are big fan of such ads. Today, no-one can deny with the fact that advertising is just like oxygen for the business. Sometimes it seems as if unlimited budget of multinational companies is perfectly adamant to eradicate lower budget ad campaign. So, smaller campaign finds inflatable advertising as the best one option in drawing attention of prospective customers at all the places in outdoor or retail outlet. So, advertising sector has prominently recognized significance advertising as the most cost effective marketing strategy to create traffic, generate sales and profit enhancements well.


Exhibition Display

The exhibition displays designed and manufactured by us are lightweight and portable, available in variant sizes and shapes. Our exhibition displays are the best solution for large corporate sectors and many other industries.

There are various categories of exhibition display manufactured by us like display banner boards, book display stands and exhibition signages. We fabricate and export these products according t our consumer’s desire and specifications. The exhibition displays produced by us are used in shops, malls, roads, stores and many other places.

These exhibition displays are the best solution for promotion of any product or any program. These exhibition displays offer high impact and affordable solution for selling products in the best way. Satisfying customer is our main aim that is why we make the display according to their specifications.


Glow Sign Board

We, at Midas Touch, manufacture glow sign boards in different shapes and sizes that are available at affordable prices. Our glow sign boards are made of high quality material like PVC flex, acrylic material and polycarbonate. The glow signboards exported by us are used for promotional purpose in market likes malls, shops, roads and highways. We manufacture variant glow sign boards for numerous industries.

The graphics and visuals of our glow sign boards to architects, contractors, builders and many other industries. We are specialized in producing glow sign boards according to our valuable patron’s requirement, due to which we are at the top in the market.


Electronic Media Advertising

With the fast changing pace of publicity medium, the need of electronic media is becoming quintessential. It includes television as well as radio. We are undertaking the following assignments for our clients:

AD Films – Some of the consideration while airing a TV/radio campaign are cities or markets where it is broadcast, time duration, expected first air-date, number of cable subscribers (for cable TV)

Corporate Films – These films give an overall view of client’s company, including its products or services, with graphical representations. It’s a vital tool for conference & seminars.

Training Films – to train your staff technically or professionally and many more aspects related to business and corporate culture, these films are extremely helpful and effective.


Wall Painting

Wall painting on walls of various building is one of major promotional activities to reach the common people. This is manly done on the main roads, inside towns, bus stops, circles etc.

Where implementing it is very difficult because of the presence of the other advertising mediums like – TV Channels, hoardings, etc. we have become successful in this medium and continuously undertaken building wall paintings, street wall painting, shop front paintings, shop paintings etc.

Keeping our customer’s interests in mind. Wall painting is a low cost media to reach the masses and lasts for minimum of one year.

Many companies like HLL, Tata Tea, Automobile, Telecom and Constructions related and other consumer product companies have been successful in developing and promoting their brands through wall painting medium. The wall painting is safer than many other mediums of brand promotion, as damage of the painting on walls and shops are not possible, until the permission from the building’s owner is taken.

Wall painting medium at Midas Touch has been not only survived the art, but also served thousands of individuals and families on this profession.